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The life path that Mihajlo Pupin went from Idvor to the greatest scientific recognitions and honours is as exciting as his scientific heritage. Academician Aleksandar Marinčić translated his Pulitzer Prize-winning autobiography, which is not accidentally called "From Pasture to Scientist". Pupin was the first Serb to receive this significant recognition. If you want to meet Mihajlo Pupin, you should first get acquainted with this book of his. It sounds incredible that for decades, parts of his autobiography have been compulsory reading in American schools, and that the book has been distributed to students in many countries, noting that they can meet one type of person as they should become. Immediately after its release in America, the book was translated into German, French, Spanish, Swedish, Japanese, Russian, Italian and other languages. Pupin's work was also published in Serbian, published by Matica Srpska in 1929. Foreword to the first edition in our country wrote Miloš Crnjanski.
Lazar Žarković, an industrialist and a man whom Mihajlo Pupin fell in love with and accepted as a friend, left his family with many beautiful and touching stories about Pupin's life on the estate in Norfolk. One of them, not coincidentally, opens this account of his life and work. Pupin used to gather rich and respectable Americans, university professors, scientists, and philanthropists in his house, at the same time opening the doors of his home to Serbs who crossed the Atlantic and arrived in America in search of a better life. During those meetings, he often spoke about the great topics of science and politics of that time, but also about his homeland, and especially about his mother Alimpija. It was remembered that every time he mentioned his mother, Mihajlo would get up, because, as he said, he could not talk about her while sitting. This left a strong impression on all those present, who often retold these stories, so it is not surprising that we have many testimonies left to this day.


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